The Echo Women's Mini Marathon 2022

The Echo Women's Mini Marathon 2022

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Sunday 18th September is fast approaching ladies, any runners out there?

Take part in this year's The Echo Women's Mini Marathon 2022 and raise funds for The Edith Wilkins Street Children Foundation India.


To support our cause please set up your fundraising page using the "Fundraise for us" button above or make a donation. 


Providing care, shelter and protection to street children, forced child labour and children who are trafficked in Darjeeling.

The Edith Wilkins Street Children Foundation, India is a not for profit organisation that provides care and protective support to street children, victims of abuse and sex trafficking, child labourers and other at risk minors.

Founded in 2003 by Cork born nurse Edith Wilkins, the foundation is based in Darjeeling, India. Due to the proximity of Darjeeling to the borders of Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan, the town is a common route used by child traffickers when smuggling children into India. To date over 2500 children have come through our system in Darjeeling and presently there are over 500 children in the system.


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Fundraising started!
Fundraising started!

The Echo Women's Mini Marathon 2022 has launched a fundraising campaign, show your support with a donation!